January 2, 2021

Video Games To Aid In The Field Of Health And Science

Processors have their own range of features and specifications that can affect gaming performance. In order to get the most of your gaming laptop or desktop computer, it is fundamental and crucial to make certain your CPU can handle the challenge.

Improve Game Performance With Reliable CPU

There are cheap gaming cpus that can improve game and gaming performance. Furthermore, with the right durable CPU, it can survive for a long time especially when it is properly taken cared of. However, even though they are durable, PC technology is continuously and constantly progressing and evolving. Newer versions of gaming CPUs utilize bigger cache sizes, quicker clock speeds, as well as greater thread counts which allows for an enhanced performance especially when combined with modern hardware that are compatible with each other. Looking for cheap gaming cpus that can improve game and gaming performance is ultimately based on what you expect to get from your gaming experience as well as how you intend to utilize your system.

Gaming technology definitely helps create larger and better video games. If no improvements are made in technology for some time, game publishers will still carry on to create new gaming products since gaming is a business in the entertainment industry as well as driven by creativity and technology.

Video Games In The Field Of  Science And Health

While video games have been linked to numerous undesirable health consequences, they may be quite useful and helpful in the field of health and science. Gaming is more and more being integrated in digital health solutions either in obvious or subtle means. Let’s have a look at some:

  • GAMIFYING HEALTH. Gamification would refer to integrating game playing aspects to an app or program in order to better user engagement.  Health app developers have applied gamification features into their program to help users gain a better understanding of their health. A study discovered that over 70% of young individuals make use of gamified digital wellbeing devices or services.
  • LOOKING FOR TREATMENTS THROUGH VIDEO GAMES. Video games offer unique user engagement and this advantage has been leveraged to aid researchers and scientists in developing vaccines. For instance, Foldit is an online video game wherein players who have no knowledge in biochemistry vie to decipher puzzles by means of folding structures of proteins in order to fit a target best. The top solutions to the puzzles are analyzed further to see if they can provide new acumens to existing diseases such as AIDS and even COVID-19 and be able to look for associated treatments and therapies.
  • PLAYING VIDEO GAMES TO BETTER HEALTH OUTCOMES. From education by means of relieving stress to digital alternatives, video games are greatly helping both clinicians and patients. The American Journal of Preventive Medicine published a systematic review which discovered that game interventions bettered 69% of the results of psychological therapy, 59% of outcomes of physical therapy as well as 46% of the results of clinician skills. By means of engaging in cooperative video games, professionals in the healthcare field can relieve stress, encourage teamwork as well as better the processes in healthcare as well as results for patients and for them too.

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