October 19, 2021

Smart Shopper: Are Smoothies Healthy?

Smoothies are considered healthy. They should donate vitamins and support a healthy diet. But they often contain a lot of sugar. Check smartshopperusa for the survey if you normally buy smoothies along the Florida Gulf Coast.

Numerous people drink juices made from pureed vegetables or fruit on a daily basis. But the widely held drinks normally contain more sugar compared to cola. The amount recommended by the World Health Organization of a maximum of 25 grams of sugar daily is often surpassed with a smoothie. Many mixtures are also very high in calories because they contain a lot of sweet bananas.

Smart Shopper: No specifications for healthy smoothie manufacturers

The term “smoothie” is not protected. There is no definition of what should be in the drink. Nutrition organizations demand that smoothies should consist of at least half of fruit or vegetables in pieces or of puree. But manufacturers do not have to adhere to this. In addition, there are no limit values ​​for remains of pesticides for finished products that they use for smoothies. But there are for individual fruits and vegetables.

Prevent diseases with smart shopper green smoothies

Smart shopper

So there is a lot to be said for preparing smoothies yourself – preferably from organic ingredients. Green smoothies that consist of little fruit and a lot of green vegetables are particularly healthy. They can help prevent various diseases such as:

  • Stroke and heart attack because of atherosclerosis
  • Osteoporosis
  • Rheumatic diseases

If you want to take advantage of green smoothies, you have to eat them instead of a meal and not an addition. Smoothies contain a lot of calories, which together with a normal meal will make you fat.

Smart Shopper: Ingredients for healthy green smoothies

Ingredients for green smoothies include spinach, lettuce and cucumber, as well as herbs, nettles or the green of carrots and radishes. They are rich in bitter substances and antioxidants. In lettuce and the leafy greens of vegetables, there are up to three times as much iron and magnesium. They have up to seven times as much vitamin C as in the tubers themselves. You must use water instead of juice for dilution, as juices contain a lot of sugar.

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