April 11, 2021

Make Interactive Science & Health Video

Online video training is a wonderful tool for giving students the flexibility to learn when and where they want.

However, distance learning brings some hurdles that complicate the online learning experience. As a teacher, it’s your job to make the lessons as interactive as possible and to make sure that your training videos are accessible to all students.

Integrate interactive science and health tutorial videos before converting

If you want to create an interactive video, the first thing you should check is whether and how your video hosting platform or learning management system supports these functions.

This is possible in most learning management systems. However, there is often a separate provision for the integration of interactive videos. Video platforms such as YouTube do not support most of the interactive functions or only support them to a limited extent. Thus downloading your video through Free online Youtube converter can be the best solution for this.

Clip converter: Question-and-answer games for interactive science and health videos

Clip Converter

When creating interactive videos, it is important to use quizzes to keep your students happy with the video history and interactive learning content. These question-and-answer games may appear in your video at certain points in time and they must be edited before the video can be viewed further. After answering the questions, students can get instant feedback on their answers.

When you include quizzes in your interactive video, your students need to carefully follow the video flow because they need the information to answer the questions correctly. You can also view statistics that give you insight into your students’ level of understanding.

Before downloading, integrate subtitles into science and health learning videos

If you want to create an interactive video and make it accessible, then you should use subtitles. It’s not just deaf and students with hearing difficulty who benefit from subtitles. Some of your students work in noisy environments or cannot turn on the sound while your interactive video is being viewed. In addition, not all students have access to quality equipment or a quiet work area.

The subtitle is a text that appears at the bottom of your educational video that transcribes the spoken commentary. You should also describe noises that appear in the video, for example, sound effects for students who for various reasons do not have access to the sound.

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