June 11, 2021

How to Start a Health and Wellness Blog

Are you seeking to affect the lives of others with your writing? You completely can! Here are some advice to jumpstart you on your road to becoming a thriving health and wellness blogger.

Continue reading to learn my proven effective tips to get started on your health and wellness blog now.

Step 1: Pick your audience and niche

Searching for your target audience is the most significant step when knowing how to begin a health and wellness blog. Knowing more about the audience you’re speaking to, aka your niche, is an essential step.

Remember: If you’re talking to everyone, you’re conversing to no one. You can start by going live in your social media account to promote your website and you can use streamerplus to get more audience.

Step 2: Designate your domain name

Okay, this part can look a little difficult at first, but I swear it’s not too bad when you follow the steps below.

Once you’ve settled on who your audience is, it’s time to ensure your domain name.

I began with the name of my website but switched it to a different one after a few years. The reason I transferred it to my name was that, at the time, I was expanding out and doing other things than just coaching. I didn’t want to end up pigeon-holing myself or losing my audience must my center change over the years.

Step 3: Pick a hosting provider

There are programs like wordpress.com, which you can sign up for and begin writing with hosting already established. If you’re searching for something more pre-built and user-friendly, there are plenty of good options sin the internet.

Step 4: draft, modify, and publish

Since I began writing my blog, it’s got a bit for me to build a great rhythm for writing and publishing regularly.

Suggestion for producing content consistently

  • Know how many times each week you’d like to write and then pick which day/days you’ll have your posts live. I issue on Tuesdays and Thursdays since that’s what is convenient for me!
  • Allot a date in your calendar dedicated to composing your articles (get particular with what precisely you’re operating on)

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