August 26, 2020

How Important Social Distancing in Fighting Covid-19?

There are actually a lot that we can do in preventing the continuous spread of Covid19 and some of these things are pretty basic. These include but not limited to the following:

  • Washing our hands
  • Coughing into our elbows
  • Avoid touching our face
  • Stay at home if feeling sick and;
  • Practice social distance

And while the latter becomes a common household name today, many are not really aware of what social distancing is.

FAQs about Social Distance

So to give everyone a good idea of what it is and how it can help, let us focus the content of this article primarily to this topic.

Question 1: What’s Social Distancing?

Simply speaking, social distancing is the purposely practice of reducing close contact among people. As per the Center for Disease Control or CDC, social distancing refers to any of the following:

  • Remain out of congregate settings whenever possible
  • Avoid mass gathering
  • Maintain distance of approximately 6ft from others

Question 2: Why it is Important?

The reason why practicing social distancing is extremely important is the fact that it helps in preventing the spread of contagious illnesses or diseases just like Covid19.

Covid19 might easily spread through sneezing, coughing and also, close contact. By being able to minimize the amount of contact we have, we are basically reducing our odds of contracting the virus and spreading it in our community.

So if for example that you are into social media and creating content to entertain and for monetization purposes, make sure to still be a responsible fellow in practicing social distancing. If you find it hard to create videos for instance and want to grow your account, you may instead buy TikTok fans to give it a boost.

Question 3. To whom the Practice of Social Distancing is Important?

Social distancing is extremely important for everyone. But its significance doubles for those who are at greater risk of catching serious complications that’s brought by Covid19. These people include older adults and also, those who already have serious chronic medical conditions similar to diabetes, lung disease and heart disease.

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