August 28, 2021

How Does Car Affect Human Health

Exposure to particulate matter in traffic increases the risk of allergies and leads to asthma. The constant noise also becomes a serious health guest post Studies show that noise causes circulatory diseases and that strokes and heart attacks are often caused by traffic noise.

The detriment of road traffic to the health of city dwellers is only slowly becoming apparent. Because it is difficult, tedious and expensive to determine the impact of traffic on health. The noise is suspected to be involved in the increase in cardiovascular diseases.

Vehicle pollution and health: Small size, deep penetration

The second health risk when it comes to traffic is fine dust, which mainly oozes from the exhaust pipes of the vehicles. Because of their small size, the particles penetrate deep into the lungs and can also enter the blood system. In particular, they can trigger respiratory diseases such as asthma, but apparently, they also promote hardening of the arteries, cardiac arrhythmias and infarction. Animal experiments have proven this, and the danger of developing asthma is also known from workplaces exposed to dust.

However, very high dust concentrations are used in animal experiments, and pollution also occurs at workplaces that are drastically higher than that of the worst main roads.

Health in the car: it depends on the people

But what use are the cars without the people behind the wheel? It is they who use the car as a rolling workshop or are on the road with it in the field. Their health and the associated performance determine how confidently, but also motivated and focused. Check car guest post and see car-related posts.

Heavy loads at the wheel

The stresses are particularly high here, as the one-sided posture, which allows hardly any leeway and variation, does not correspond at all to what is actually good for the movement-loving human being. In addition, there are load factors such as the influence of centrifugal forces, permanent noise from the engine and traffic, or vibrations in the body.

And that in times when the average time spent in the car is getting longer and longer due to increasing traffic, lots of traffic jams or long journeys to work. So it is not surprising that the body reacts with corresponding complaints at some point.

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