April 18, 2021

Health And Property Protection | Pest Control

Mice, rats, cockroaches, wasps, ants, moths, fleas, bed bugs and many other animal species can exist in the immediate area of ​​human life and have a massive impact on well-being. They can harm human health through the transmission of disease and spoil food. Other species, such as clothes moths or carpet beetles, destroy textiles and other materials.

Pest Control Protect Your Family and Your Property From Pests 

In order to avoid this, families should use measures for pest control or hire pest control specialists to do the job. Pest control services select the appropriate measures for different infestation situations, taking into account all relevant influencing factors. First a careful analysis of the infestation is carried out. The pests are determined, and the affected object is inspected. Physical, biological or chemical processes are then initiated to rid the household or business of pests and to protect them from renewed infestation.

Combat Pests | Use Pest Controller or Professional Exterminators

The use of the pest controller is particularly important when combating mice and rats, but the control of cockroaches, ants and fleas should also be carried out by professional exterminators or pest controllers. Silverfish and moths often infest homes. Ants are a common problem in spring, and wasps are a nuisance in late summer and autumn. The bed bug (Cimex lectularius) is an extremely persistent pest. A lot of experience and specialist knowledge is required here, which our well-trained pest controllers can demonstrate.

Professional pest control often works without the use of insecticides. In many cases, pest infestation can be prevented through the use of non-toxic monitoring systems and structural or organizational changes.

In biological pest control, viruses or living beings are deliberately introduced in order to decimate the population of harmful animals or plants. A successful example is the use of insect pathogenic nematodes, which fight the insect larvae of the root-damaging black weevil living in the soil. Ladybugs are used, for example, in organic farming to control aphids. The release of bred parasitic wasps can be used in the home to control food moths.

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