October 11, 2021

Hair Loss and Health Problems

Losing your hair is frightening. However, for some, it is inevitable due to some illnesses such as anxiety, stress, post partum effects, and cancer. If one is already on the situation where he or she knows that his/her fair will fall out, that person should prepare for it to slowly accept the things to be considered after losing the hair.

Preparation might include cutting the hair especially if it short. Some people do not want to cut the hair but prefer to shave their heads off for a faster way of accepting things. Some just let everything fall and just use a mesh to catch the strands left. Although it grows after your treatment or medication, it is kid of frustrating to see yourself in such situation that the only thing you can do is to prepare and look for some alternatives.

There are three alternatives. First one is to flaunt your bald head and include it in your fashion. Just for the sake of learning to accept that you are ill and you got nothing to do with it and you still want to feel good outside even in reality you are under medication and you do not really feel that good. Second one is to wear a hat or a cap. This is one of the  common remedies. The third and also  the most common is to purchase a wig.

It will not be difficult for one to find and purchase wigs. The malls offer it already and if you have a support group you can surely own a wig in just a snap. If you want to be quite fashionable, braid wigs are already available. One might find it hard to cope in a situation that will make you think negative things. But looking and feeling good about yourself will definitely help you feel positive.


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