July 2, 2022

Grill Healthy: Avoid Toxic Substances

Nice weather invites you to grill outdoors or on the balcony at home. So that you can enjoy your barbecue without worrying, you should prevent carcinogenic substances in meat and vegetables or fine dust from getting into your lungs.

Grilling healthy: How to avoid harmful substances

Dab fat. Just before grilling, dab off the fat or oil so that less of it drips onto the embers.

Don’t fry too long. It is best to only roast the food directly over the embers for the first one or two minutes.

Grill the food from the side. When grilling with Green Mountain davy crockett, the meat is usually in the middle, while the charcoal is on the side. So no fat can drip into the embers. If you’re using a regular grill, you can simply use tongs to push the charcoal aside and pile it up.

Catch fat. Place a drip tray in the grill when the charcoal is on the sides. It catches dripping fat and oil.

Pack the food to be grilled in a bowl. The meat does not have to go directly onto the grill. You can also put it in a fireproof dish and grill it.

Avoid charcoal. A gas or electric grill is both more environmentally friendly and better for your health than charcoal grilling.

Get some air. Only grill in the open air and only in such a way that the smoke can escape quickly. Indoors there is a risk of poisoning from the gases carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide that are produced when grilling.

Cut off what is burned. Cut off charred parts of meat and vegetables and do not eat burnt parts.

Grill without nitrite curing salt. If the grilled food contains nitrite curing salt, so-called nitrosamines, which are considered carcinogenic, are produced at high heat.

Avoid aluminum. Aluminum trays are not suitable for acidic or salty dishes because aluminum can migrate to the food. Instead, use reusable grill pans made from other materials.

Green Mountain davy crockett

Healthy grilling also depends on the grilled food

What applies to healthy nutrition, in general, applies here. First and foremost, food should be balanced and varied. Fruit and vegetables, for example on a kebab skewer, reduce the risk of many diseases, as do unsaturated fatty acids.

Nutritionists recommend high-fat fish and whole-grain products. You can cover them over the side dish when grilling. A lot of red meat and sausage is not advisable, but milk and dairy products can be served every day, for example, grilled cheese on the grill.

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