July 22, 2021

Food is Medicine – The Apple

Herbs, vitamins, minerals and diet has the power to make millions of people happier and healthier with their use at less cost than many pharmaceutical products, and often with fewer side effects. The foods we take in to our body can heal some ailments and can prevent disease. Unhealthy eating can lead to heart disease, diabetes, cancer and other chronic disease that can be life threatening.

The apple is a common fruit. Here are some of its nutrients and how it can help our body.

  • Pectin. This is a soluble fiber that helps to lower cholesterol. It is also helpful in making you feel full. Anthocyanin are also food pigments found in apples which is an antioxidant that help defend against carcinogens.  Apples also help lower LDL cholesterol.
  • Glutathione. This is an antioxidant that have anti-cancer properties. It improves the immune system to fight off infections.
  • Quercetin. It is a plant pigment often termed as a flavonoid that has been linked to the reduction of cancer development, It can also prevent cataracts and reduce symptoms associated with a number of respiratory problems.
  • You can enjoy apples by cutting them into slices. It’s easier to consume it this way. Eat your apples uncooked and unpeeled to get loads of Vitamin C.

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