April 22, 2021

Are Vitamins Really Worth Taking?

Vitamins and other supplements are a booming business. Many people are taking a daily vitamin. In the United States alone annual sales of supplements are greater than 23 billion dollars. It represents 10% of all drug expenditures in America. Vitamins came from the two words vital amines. Amines are organic compounds in our bodies which are essential and vital ingredients needed by the body. Throughout history vital deficiency among people were very common like scurvy, rickets and more. These conditions are relatively rare at these times because of lifestyle changes and fortified foods such as iodine in salt, Vitamin D in milk, thiamin, riboflavin, niacin and iron in flour. We are getting a lot of essential vitamins in our diet

Here are some common reasons why people are taking vitamins and supplements:

  • A doctor told them to
  • They want to live longer
  • They feel better with that vitamin
  • The TV/Radio/Internet promised them good results

Reasons for vitamin use growth:

  • Improved health literacy
  • Aging population
  • Improved health in our later years
  • Strong marketing

Before taking that Vitamin or supplements, here are some things you should reflect on:

  • Review the benefit in large randomized peer reviewed trials.
  • Note that not all vitamins work the same in all people. All people react differently to these vitamins.
  • Always review for possible harms
  • Review cost trade offs

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