July 16, 2020

Adverse Effects Of Social Media To Physical And Psychological Health

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Social Media – Its Adverse Effects on Physical and Psychological Health

These days, logging into social media platforms has become an everyday routine, a habit for many wherein people log into them numerous times in a day to post, share or simply browse on it. In fact, lot of people spend so much time on social media on a daily basis. Although social media has its upsides, there are downsides to it as well which could affect our physical and mental health.

Let’s have a look at some of the downsides of social media especially when people spend too much time on it:

  • Comparing Oneself to Others. When in social media, we spend so much time looking at the highpoints and best bits of others. This would lead to us comparing ourselves to them where we begin to feel envious or jealous of how they look or what they have. This kind of feelings will direct towards anxiety and depression.
  • Causes More Discontent and Unhappiness. Social media, particularly Facebook and Instagram, was associated to having less overall contentment with life which is possibly because of the feelings of social isolation. The more amount of time people spend on social media, the more will be the feelings of discontent and unhappiness.
  • Leads to a Sedentary Lifestyle. It’s no surprise that spending long periods of time in front of your phone or computer screen could lead to a sedentary or inactive lifestyle. Clearly, an inactive lifestyle can affect one’s overall wellbeing.
  • It Could be Very Addictive. Study discovered that social media users could experience behaviors of addiction as well as exhibit psychological signs of withdrawal especially when and if they aren’t able to access social media.
  • It Becomes a Channel for Cyber Bullying. Social media has connected everyone. However, this isn’t always a great thing. One study discovered that 52% of students have been cyberbullied. Bullying, regardless its form, can be very detrimental to ones’ mental and physical health.

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